We ROCKED San Diego Comic-Con 2018, the world's biggest pop culture event!

WOMEN ROCKING HOLLYWOOD 2018: Female Filmmakers, Pilots, Projects, & Paving the Way to Parity 

In the last year, we’ve seen some forward movement for equality in front of and behind the camera. Women directors helmed more TV pilots than ever before.  Will that trend continue? Will it result in more woman-directed and gender-balanced shows? In 2018, still only a fraction of studio films were directed by women, so how can we make lasting change? Some of the most successful, talented women in the industry will discuss their careers, latest projects, new initiatives, and how fans can be part of creating equality in film, tv, and all transmedia.

Panelists: Kat Candler (showrunner/director: Queen Sugar, 12 Monkeys), Patricia Cardoso (director: Queen Sugar, Real Women Have Curves), Rosemary Rodriguez (producer/director: pilot- Cagney & Lacey, Jessica Jones, The Walking Dead), Regina King (actress/director/producer: pilot- The Finest, Shameless, Scandal), Patricia Riggen (producer/director: The 33, Jack Ryan), and Kirsten Schaffer (executive director: Women in Film: LA). Moderated by Leslie Combemale (Cinema Siren, TheCredits.org).


Half the Picture Documentary Review: The Struggle and Commitment of Female Filmmakers Beautifully Revealed

Documentarian Amy Adrion has created what amounts to a love letter to female filmmakers in her new film, Half the Picture, which supporters of women in film will love to know is now available on demand*. I was at San Diego Comic-Con last week preparing for and conducting the panel Women Rocking Hollywood, that features women …

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Shaping Black Panther: An interview with Costume Designer Ruth Carter

Ruth Carter has been breaking barriers and building her reputation in the film industry for over 30 years. She is the first woman of color to be nominated for an Academy Award in best achievement in costume design, for Malcolm X, and has also been thus recognized for Amistad, She has worked with some of …

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A Fantastic Woman Film Review & Interviews: This Historic Oscar Nominee is a Gorgeous Study in Grief

It is true the Academy Awards are not the ultimate arbiter of quality and longevity of a film.  You need but look to the history of winners and losers to confirm that.  However, the Best Foreign Language Films is one category where the Oscars gets closer.  Nearly all nominees are multiple award winners with buzz that has carried …

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In honor of being invited to join AWFJ, the Top 10 Movies of 2017, as directed by women!

In celebration of this wonderful honor, this first post by Cinema Siren in 2018 will be the Best Films of 2017, but ONLY include films directed by women.  It’s thrilling to say most of these would already be on my top ten, and that is definitely a sign of the times.  There are several films that were …

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The real-life Heroines of the Netflix Short Documentary Heroin(e)

Sometimes it just takes seeing people actively making a difference, approaching what they do with a balance of realism and tenaciously optimism, to remind us we really can change the world, even if it’s in some small way.  The women of the documentary short Heroin(e) are saving lives and helping people change their circumstances every day.  Watching them is …

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Greta Gerwig Talks Lady Bird, the Great New Coming-of-Age Film: Film Review and Interview

If I were making a movie with two women playing mother and daughter, Oscar nominated Saoirse Ronan of Atonement, and Brooklyn,  and Emmy and Tony Award winner Laurie Metcalf of Toy Story, Roseanne, the Steppenwolf Theater and at least 14 Broadway and off-Broadway plays, would be on my dream list.  Apparently Greta Gerwig agrees. Before the beloved Indie actress, writer …

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Animation Insiders Demand an End to Sexism and Harassment in the Animation Industry Today

A letter was sent today by 217 women and non-gender conforming folk to over a dozen studios demanding change and an end to sexual harassment and sexism in the animation industry.  Included on the list of recipients are executives at Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks Animation, and Warner Bros. Signatures are from people …

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The Glorious Labor of LOVING VINCENT; film review and interview with the co-directors

Loving Vincent is the first fully oil painted feature film.  The brainchild of two filmmakers who have worked in animation, special effects, and live action, the film breaks new ground, while being visually stunning and driving a story about the last few weeks in the life an artist who died penniless but is now one of …

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