Alliance of Women Directors

Founded in 1997, the AWD works to increasing the amount of women directors in film and television.


Array Now, founded by Ava DuVernay


An independent film distribution group that is dedicated to independent movies by people of color and women.



Chicken & Egg Pictures

Group that supports female nonfiction filmmakers who push for societal change through their artistry.



Film Fatales

Organization that advocates for gender parity and networks female filmmakers through various education programs.



Film Powered

A membership-based community designed to network female film professionals and educate their members through classes and events.


Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Research-based organization that works in the entertainment industry to educate creative professionals on the importance of gender balance, stereotypes, and proper role models.



New York Women in Film & Television

Association of women from the NY area that represents and advocates for gender parity in the entertainment industry.


Women In Animation

Women in Animation

An organization that advocates for creating an equal field for women in the animation industry.


Women in Film

WIF makes pushes for the improvement in the careers of women working in film, television, and digital media.



Women in Film & Video

Organization dedicated to career development of female professionals working in all areas of film and video.



Women in the Arts & Media Coalition

Group that serves as a link for their members and empowering women throughout the film industry.



Women Make Movies

Non-profit in New York that distributes independent films by and about women.




Athena Film Festival

Weekend event of films about fierce female icons from diverse backgrounds and cultures.



Bentonville Film Festival

Festival founded by Geena Davis that promotes the underrepresented in the entertainment industry.



Citizen Jane Film Festival

Part-festival, part-retreat event hosted to promote women in the film world through engaging audiences with their stories.



Fusion Film Festival

Hosted by New York University, this three-day festival celebrates women in film and media behind the camera.



Lady Filmmakers Festival

Festival by the Lady Filmmakers Foundation that celebrates women in leadership roles in media with a weekend of film, music, art, and workshops.




Traveling film festival that champions women filmmakers and works to support Chicken & Egg Pictures.



POW Film Fest

Portland-based festival that recognizes pioneer female filmmakers and provides workshops for aspiring female and non-binary directors.



Underwire Festival

A UK female film festival that celebrates talent and awards mentor-ship opportunities.



afi directing

AFI Directing Workshop for Women

Program that has trained women to be professional screen directors since 1974.


big vision

Big Vision Empty Wallet

Initiative that collaborates with and funds independent directors in their inclusion-focused incubation program.



Gamechanger Films

Organization that provides equity financing for female feature film directors.



Hedgebrook Screenwriters Lab

Week-long artists' retreat for female writers on Whidbey Island by Hedgebrook, a community of women artists.



Iris Films

Founded by feminist filmmakers in 1975, Iris produces films that address social justice issues and promote global change.




This initiative promotes gender-parity in film and TV by certifying media that meets the ReFrame requirements of women as directors, starring actors, and other key roles.



Share the Screen: A Vimeo Initiative

Initiative that pushes to close the gender gap by financing female-directed media, workshops, and events.



Women at Sundance

Women at Sundance pushes for inclusion of women in film through several support programs, such as a fellowship and financing female filmmakers.




Alliance of Women Film Journalists

Non-profit that amplifies the voices of female film critics and promotes film work by women, both in front and behind the camera.



The Director List

Comprehensive, searchable database of female directors, their work, and other media.




Platform that explores the present and futures of women and diversity in the media industry.



Seed & Spark

Streaming service with a pay-what-you-can model, Seed & Spark is a platform for media with gender parity in focus.



Tangerine Entertainment

Production company that works with female filmmakers to address the lack of gender parity in the media industry.


women and hollywood

Women and Hollywood

Website that educates and agitates for gender diversity in Hollywood and the film industry.


Support and Additional Resources

sundance and women in film

Sundance Institute + Women in Film Resource Map

Complied storehouse with opportunities, events, and programs for U.S. female filmmakers.


women in film allies

Women in Film: Allied Organizations

List of organizations that collaborate with Women in Film LA to create events and discuss progress.



Women in Film: Film Finishing Fund

Annual fund that is awarded to promising female directors to complete their feature films.



Women in Film: Sexual Harassment Help Line

An integrated helpline program that connects victims of sexual harassment to support groups, pro bono attorneys, and trauma therapists.